Ophélie Queffurus is a French visual artist based in Montreal. She is currently a Ph.D candidate in Art both at UQÀM University (Canada) and the University of Rennes II (France).

Her work is about the concept of frontier in the specific context of bioart. In fact, most of the literacy about the subject considers bioart as a line – a frontier – between art and biology. By challenging the concept of frontier in bioart, she endeavors to show why a change in the representation of relations between art and biotechnologies is necessary to understand not only the complexity, but also the diversity, of artworks that use living materials as an artistic medium.

By questioning this traditional representation of bioart, she attempts to promote a more spatializing conception of living practises, not seen anymore as a line between two disciplines (art and biotechnology) but more as a common space. By initiating this, she attempts to introduce the notion of network as a new representation of this in-betweeness.

Her recent work mixing traditional and wet media presents the results of her wanderings in the field of microbiology through the culture of the Physarum Polycephalum, a single-cell organism that can create efficient networks.